For smokers who want flexible but discreet control of cravings

  • 10 minutes after administration of NICORETTE<sup>®</sup> Cools 2 mg Lozenge, 93.75% (n=75) of study participants reported a reduction in cravings1
  • Nicotine is absorbed through the oral mucosa1
  • Dissolves over 10 to 20 minutes to relieve cravings1
  • Available in two strengths:
    • 2 mg for patients who smoke ≤20 cigarettes per day
    • 4 mg (Cools only) for patients who smoke >20 cigarettes per day
  • Available in two flavours: Cools (mint) and Fruit
  • Click here for prescribing information


  1. Nicorette Cools 2mg Lozenge Summary of Product Characteristics. Available at: Accessed: January 2021.